BLOG: Using a realtor

In my 6 years of experience, I found that a buyer will shop around the market by asking many different Realtors questions about their listings, They repeat there story or plans of when they want to move, how much they can spend, what type of house they want to buy and all their must haves. Making appointments yourself and viewing all kinds of homes can be exhausting and very time wasting. Why be left wondering and stressing over deciding if you made a right decision. 

Buyers need to understand that realtors are here to do that for you and reducing the stress and simplify the process. Purchasing a new home is, most likely, biggest investment in a buyers life. The first step in searching for a new home is to contact a reliable realtor and tell your story once. As they get to know you they will become more and more knowledgeable about what your needs and wants are in order to find you the right home. As you get to know your realtor, you will begin to reveal the true insight to what is needed. 

So my advice to buyers - if you are serious about buying a home contact a realtor that you would like to work with (like me) and commit to one realtor. Get into a client relationship with your realtor. Start by telling them your plans and your story. They can refine your searches and save you time, make the appointments for showings of properties that fit your plans, provide valuable information, prepare documents  to make an offer, advise and guide you through the purchase process.

Be honest with your realtor and let them work with you to purchase your next home.  Nothing is more satisfying than handing over the keys to very excited people itching to get started on a new chapter in life.